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  Richard Thompson in Vlissingen

Richard Thompson played his only Dutch concert in 2001 on July 8 in Vlissingen at Het Straatfestival. As - in real life -  Vlissingen is this site's  hometown this local feature is dedicated to the relation between the artist and the city. This relation cannot be called extremely special, but our town has had its share of RT-concerts through the years and there certainly is a small but remarkable fanbase of RT-diehards existing. Some of them don't even live here, but they're keeping the lines open to the local fans and promotors, because they know one thing for sure: Thompson will never be playing  in THEIR town. 


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Pictures Courtesy Tom Remijn



On July 8 2001 Richard Thompson and his tourmanager Simon Tassano travelled from Brugge to Vlissingen. In Brugge he played The Cactus Festival on July 7. Before leaving Brugge Thompson gave a short interview to Omroep Zeeland, public regional radio in the province of Zeeland. On July 9 they left Vlissingen for Lille in France, to take the train to Britain, for an evening concert in Cheltenham.


Intro to Bathsheba, then "No, I won't do that..."|I Misunderstood |
Crawl Back (Under My Stone)| Mr Rebound|Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed? |
My Daddy Is A Mummy |If You Don't Want Me (I'll Dry My Tears And Move On) |
1952 Vincent Black Lightning | Persuasion |I Feel So Good |The Ghost of You Walks |
Turning Of The Tide|Genesis Hall | She Twists The Knife Again |
 | Shoot Out The Lights |Two Left Feet |God Loves A Drunk |Razor Dance
From Galway To Graceland |Cooksferry Queen| Encore: Valerie

This show has been taped for VPRO-radio, one of the Dutch Public National broadcasters.  Available too HERE (September 11 & September 25 2001)

Rumor And Sigh Tour


Picture Flip Feij 1992

Richard Thompson played two solo concerts in Het Vestzaktheater in Vlissingen on October 4 1992. The concerts were ending his Dutch Rumor And Sigh Tour SETLISTS


Thompson and Fungus

On May 3 1975  Richard and Linda Thompson played Het Zwaantje in Oost-Souburg, a Vlissingen suburb. He played acoustic guitar and used a pedal for the lower  tones ("bassplayer Percy"). Sharing the bill was Dutch traditional group Fungus, that has recorded two Richard Thompson songs: "Down Where The Drunkards Roll" and "The Poor Ditching Boy". They played the "Ditching Boy" and probably "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight"  together as encores at the end of the show featuring Thompson on electric guitar. No setlists available, but the next songs may have been included in RT & LT's perfromance: Shady Lies, So Sad, Nobody's Wedding, Life Goes On Just The Same, Never Again, If I Was A Woman and You Were A Man, A Heart Needs A Home, Dargai, Georgie On A Spree, Love Hurts, Beat The Retreat, Jet Plane In A Rockin' Chair, Wild Side of Life, Great Valerio, Hokey Pokey, Bright Lights, Poor Ditching Boy.


Thompson and Sandy Denny

Sandy_in_Vlissingen_1972 Sandy_Denny_Live_in_Vlissingen_1972Sandy_Denny_on_Flushing_Boulevard_1972

Pictures Courtesy Charles Strijd 1972

In 1972 Richard Thompson was playing leadguitar in Sandy Denny's backing group that came over from England for a one-off schoolconcert in a sportshall. The late Sandy  who, of course, was Fairport Convention's leadsinger and who - then  - had just left Fotheringay and  finished  her album "Sandy". At the time she did some odd concerts with - besides Thompson on electric guitar - Pat Donaldson on bassguitar and Timi Donald on drums. In Vlissingen they played the sportscenter, currently known as Baskensburg. Sometimes I'm meeting someone who says he/she has been there. This site's maintainer was in his  early twenties and he had the pleasure talking with Sandy Denny for a newspaper article. The Internet was not in sight, boys and girls. The article still is available both in Dutch and in an English translation (!) in the Obituaries and Interviews section  HERE