Shepherds Bush Empire London 03_11_2003

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New Outlets For Recorded Music

Like many other artists RT has left the big record companies behind. All new deals will be "one record at a time situations". binary option trading platform RT is also bringing out more recorded music than ever before and there's even more to follow, he's saying. Current outlets for recorded music - besides his own web site, Beesweb and at concerts - are SpinArt Records for the USA P-Vine Records for Japan and Cooking Vinyl for the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.   Genuine 180 grs vinyl of his latest studio album The Old Kit Bag has been cooked by Diverse Records

RT:"It's nice to feel that there's some kind of partnership -- as opposed to being a 'sharecropper,' as Courtney Love says. I've had a great time on major labels, but they're less and less able to market the way they used to -- and that's always the point of them, really. Recording deals are increasingly archaic..."

Reuters May 9 2003

RT's indie status also brought merchandise like T-shirts and bags.

If it isn't for Britney...

In an earlier stage RT said he's one of the artists  the traditional record business is unable to serve:"Labels, promoters and radio have become so corporate. They're so concerned with quarterly returns. They can handle Britney, because they know how to market her. A lot of the other stuff has fallen by the wayside, though. There is a whole range of music that a good record label used to feature which is now becoming unavailable."

And... "Radio Is A Disaster"

So Richard Thompson is also pretty critical when it comes to today's  American radio. The following quote was taken from an interview on the RT Discussionlist, back in June 2002. But it's not history yet...

RT: "Radio is a disaster at present in the USA. I'm sure you are aware that a few companies have monopolised broadcasting, and hundreds of stations are programmed from a bunker somewhere in the Midwest - only the brave, like WXRT and KPIG have held out against huge buyout offers. Public radio is increasingly dropping its music content for talk shows, and classical stations openly admit that they now see their role as non-confrontational background music. The days of most towns having community-based radio are long gone. These people entered the music biz to make fortunes - only. Non-entertainment companies bought up the record industry to make gazillions of dollars - only. They care not for music or the music consumer"


Still Going Very Strong

RT surely knows what he's talking about. He's been active in her majesty's musical service for more than 35 years now. The English troubadour still can be seen & heard singing his own songs & playing his guitar in venues and on festivals in the western world. 

Many newspaper articles are saying he's a Sufi-Muslim but the best source in the world is denying this: "I was involved with sufism in the seventies, not much since. It's a full time job. The Darqawiyya/Habibiyya branch. These days I say I'm a pretty
liberal muslim. Journalistic cliches that won't go away: "Mr. Thompson is a sufi muslim" - what the heck is that? This is a previously unused phrase coined by some genius journo in the 70s, and gets repeated by lazy hacks who earn a living by copying  old reviews" bitcoin trading philippines

February 7 2003


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Smile, Smile, Smile!

 The title of RT's latest studio album - "The Old Kit Bag" - is a reference to the George Asaf and Felix Powell penned song "Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile!" published in London in 1915. RT:"I suppose the title is a theme of sorts. It's a reference to the old World War I song, which is about smiling and whistling a happy tune as the Germans rain shells down on you..."

"This song did become quite popular, actually becoming a national blockbuster that boosted  British morale as it sagged at the face incredible casualties. From 1914 to 1918 the British Empire suffered  908,371 battle deaths and 2,090,212 wounded" so it says somewhere in cyberspace. During the 2003 Band Tour long time tourmanager Simon Tassano played the song on RT's soundsystem after every concert

January 10 2003


RT Talks To Cyberspace 

RT's talking to his faithful following on the www on a regular basis, which is a new feature as well.  This fansite is proud to act as a go between from time to time. Some interviews archived HERE, others are on Beesweb, RT's official instrument to keep the world updated about projects and plans

Official Web Site 



The RT-List

Best source in the world 

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NEW: Richard Thompson and 2 of his regular bandmates are among the great names (Tom Waits, Aaron Neville, Salomon Burke, Chrissie Hynde) joining The Blind Boys Of Alabama on their forthcoming album "Go Tell It On The Mountain". Our man can be found helping out on "In The Bleak Midwinter". Backing the Blind Boys are Danny Thompson (bass) and Mike Jerome (drums). Due Sept 16 MORE

Del's new album's beginning and ending with a RT song

NEW: Still hot bluegrass veteran Del McCoury - who crossed over RT's motorcycle classic "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" and jumped to the top of the bluegrass charts last year - has brought out "It's Just The Night", a new album with two new RT-covers: "Dry My Tears And Move On" and "Two-Faced Love" from RT's Mock Tudor-album MORE

NEW: Loudon Wainwright III  throws up all about what RT's like as a human being: "He's such a pain in the ass off-stage..."  In depth interview HERE

NEW: Loudon's new (live) album "So Damn Happy" with RT on 2 tracks and spots for David Mansfield, Van Dyke Parks and Martha Wainwright will be released August 18

Mascot in pre napped mode

Pic Courtesy Beesweb

NEW: "DUCKNAPPED!" = "Live" album featuring Richard Thompson Band 2003 (with Christine Collister and Judith Owen extra on vocals) ava only thru' his US merch department still - accessible via RT's official web site, try THIS

The album is RT's 4th new cd-album release in 6 months and holds 14 songs (9 of which are live versions of songs that appeared first on his latest studio album "The Old Kit Bag". Tracklist: cryptocurrency trading philippines

 1. Gethsemane  7:23; 2. Pearly Jim 4:17; 3. Outside Of The Inside  6:58; 4. Missie How You Let Me Down 4:36; 5. A Love You Can't Survive 5:20; 6. One Door Opens 4:29; 7. I'll Tag Along 3:53; 8. Bank Vault In Heaven 5:41; 9. She Said It Was Destiny 4:12;  10. I Misunderstood 4:42; 11. Valerie 3:41; 12. Can't Win 9:17; 13. Jealous Words 3:59; 14. Word Unspoken, Sight Unseen 5:25; Total time: 73:54

Recorded/Produced by Tom Dube

The album's title derives from the kidnap of the 2003 tour mascot, RT: "A small fluffy duck that unsurprisingly said *Quack*. One day it disappeared in mysterious circumstances, and a classic ransom note appeared, letters cut from newspapers. No clues. Pictures of duck tied up. More threats. It took us ten days to figure out who did it....we'll put the whole thing up on Beesweb for your amusement. It was pretty funny..."

Scheduled concerts from August 17 on will be RT solo-amplified-acoustic mostly

NEW: Public encores of "1000 Years" shows planned in London (Sadler's Wells Theatre - September 17 and 18) and Chicago (Old Town School Of Folk Music - October 23 and 24, both sold out) with Judith Owen (vocals) and Debra Dobkin (percussion)

Debra Dobkin first time percussionist for RT (Click To Enlarge)

NEW: "The Old Kit Bag" is also on two vinyl discs, providing four sides of RT-music MORE

NEW: Richard Thompson Band's gig at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence RI (July 23 2003) has been taped for possible DVD-release, so the rumour goes

NEW: RT:"In the future there'll be more and more things available in terms of back catalogue and hopefully some obscure stuff we might have on tape that no-one else has"

After gig signing in Paris, June 27 2003

NEW: Classy recent RT article by Pam Winters on line HERE

NEW: The three albums that came out earlier in 2003: "The Old Kit Bag"(Studio 2003) ava in the better stores, "More Guitar" (Live 1988) and "1000 Years Of Popular Music" (Live special show 2002) both available at gigs and thru' RT's web site

NEW: RT guested on a Donovan's "Season of the Witch"-cover for NBC tv show "Crossing Jordan" and various artists audio cd OUT NOW The song has been performed a couple of times live during the 2003 Band Tour with additional guitar by Henry Kaiser

Full 2003 RT Band HERE

DETAILS (and more) on this page!

 The Old Kit Bag: 12 Songs 

Richard Thompson's main 2003 issue is "The Old Kit Bag", recorded in April and May 2002 at Capitol Studio B in Hollywood, CA. RT sings & plays guitars, accordion, dulcimer, mandolin and harmonium. Danny Thompson (double bass) and Mike Jerome (drums) have been assisting. Judith Owen helped out on vocals. First release on Cooking Vinyl was in UK and Europe: February 3 2003. US-release followed on May 6. John Chelew has produced the album. 

RT: "Our philosophy of production was to do something where the songs come through," Thompson explains, "so that you aren't thinking of production when you hear it. I've known [producer] John Chelew for 25 years and worked with him on a few other projects. He was very enthusiastic; that was his main qualification. He was really, really keen to do it. I can read his intentions and he can read mine, so recording was relatively painless. That's the mark of a good producer" May 7 2003

Tracklisting (plus duration):1. Gethsemane (6:03); 2. Jealous Words (4:17); 3. I'll Tag Along (3:40); 4. A Love You Can't Survive (5:27); 5. One Door Opens (4:19); 6. First Breath (7:16); 7. She Said It Was Destiny (4:23); 8. I've Got No Right To Have It All (4:12); 9. Pearly Jim (4:18);10. Word Unspoken Sight Unseen (4:25); 11. Outside Of The Inside (6:24);12. Happy Days And Auld Lang Syne (3:58)

February 3 2003

RT's Pick Of 1000 Years Pop Music

His story is that in 1999 Hugh Hefner of Playboy magazine invited RT to his mansion and asked him to submit a list of 100 years of essential popular music for publication in their Y2K-issue. But RT didn't know what his intentions were: "Where did they want me to start, Roxy Music?" So he made a list of popular music spanning the full millennium: "They didn't publish it...", but he did play it. Twice at The Getty Center in LA and during five consecutive nights in July 2002 at Joe's Pub on Manhattan. The NYC gigs have been recorded for an internet-only release.

Full details archived HERE

HERE's the concert review from The New York Times

"More Guitar"

In April 2003, during the start of his US Band Tour Richard Thompson surprised his completists fans by putting on sale an extra cd, "More Guitar", with a compilation of two 1988 (Washington DC, Bayou) RTB performances. Line up: Richard Thompson (guitar vocal), John Kirkpatrick (button accordion, backing vocals), Clive Gregson (rhythm guitar, organ, backing vocals), Pat Donaldson (bass), Kenny Aronoff (drums), Christine Collister (backing vocals)

Track List:
Dont Tempt Me 5.31
Can't Win 9.04
Jennie 6.07
Gypsy Love Longs 6.52
The Angels Took My Race Horse Away 5.08
When The Spell Is Broken 8.00
Shoot Out The Lights 5.37
I Still Dream 5.18
Here Without You 3.46
A Bone Through Her Nose 6.24
We Got To Get Out Of This Place 7.42
Jerusalem On The Jukebox 8.12

April 21 2003

Daddy Thompson singin'

In Thompson's brain plans are growing for a children's album. The songs have been written for his youngest son's school. Richard Thompson in the June 1 2001 edition of The Washington Post: "There's a theme each month, so I try to think of a song that will sugarcoat the bitter pill of education (...). These songs get written in about 10 minutes and thrown at the kids. Some they like and some they don't, and the ones they like I hold onto. I have one about Alexander Graham Bell I quite like and another about insects." His current setlist often includes "My Daddy Is A Mummy" which also cadidates for this project

Due: "Definitely next year, maybe one of those internet-only releases", was a 2001 quote.

Followed by:"I need another song. It's frustrating: I should like to issue everything at the same time but it is not possible, there is too much stuff. Sure, now the web site gives me the opportunity to publish little ventures with more flexibility"

March 1 2003